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Food is rightfully the most basic need that man must address to survive and thrive in this world. We are what we eat. Our food choices determine our health and well-being. While experts say that there is no good or bad food, it is important to remember to eat the right proportion of food based on one’s nutritional needs. A balanced diet provides the person with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that he or she needs to maintain a sound and strong body and mind. Individuals are also advised to engage in physical activities to complement a healthy and balanced diet to ensure health and wellness. Psychological factors, socio-economic conditions, nutrition education, and one’s location or community influence his or her food choices and consumption. There are many benefits of healthy eating. It is important to maintain a proper and balanced diet to reduce risks of diseases, improve psychological well-being, and extend life expectancy. Aside from keeping our body functioning properly and in optimum shape, it also gives us a positive disposition and outlook in life that would contribute to overall wellness.

Making wise food choices mean maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. It is important to start this level of awareness at a very young age so that children will grow up developing good eating behaviors that would help keep them fit and well. People should be empowered in making informed choices regarding their food consumption. This is also important in developing a sound nutrition education that addresses the needs of individuals, families, and communities. Programs and policies should encourage collaboration among families, communities, and different sectors in the society in making healthy food accessible and affordable for everyone. This will promote healthy eating behaviors that would lead to proper nutrition, good health, and well-being among the people.

We invite you to taste the hearty dishes of Melt Cincy. The dishes we serve are not the only ones melting but your heart as well. Melt Cincy has been satisfying customers’ appetites for more than a decade. We have our staples and favorites while continuously evolving our menu to cater to the fastidious palates of our customers. We work hard behind our kitchen doors to make sure that we serve the best dishes to our valued customers. We constantly find new ways to spice up our menu or spruce up the look of our restaurant to offer something new to our customers. But one thing is for sure, those who enter the doors of our restaurant will have a satisfying dining experience.

Enjoy Melt Cincy’s all-time favorites – our Melted Sandwiches. You can choose from our wide selection of sandwiches - Artichoke Melt, Buffalo Chicken, Three Cheese, Veggie Cheesesteak, Custom Burger, Vegan Melt, Tuscan Chicken, Muffaletta, The Rachel, Yeehaw BBQ, Ratatoullie Melt, The Hoffner, and The Joan of Arc. We surely have a sandwich for everyone. We also have our Deli Sandwiches for those who want to level up their sandwich game. They can choose from our Avocado Bliss, East Village, or Sweet Savage. All orders of our sandwiches come with a gourmet side dish. You can choose to have your sandwich with our Mixed Greens with Dressing, Roasted Herb Potatoes, Ginger Rainbow Slaw, Hummus and Chips, Soup or Chili, Fruit Salad, Tabouleh, or Sun Chips.

mouth-watering sandwiches

Our menu will have you craving for our food even when you are already safe and sound and ready to call it a day inside your garage doors in Houston. Once you have tasted our food, we guarantee that you will be coming back for more. Our dishes are so tasty and will surely satisfy any one’s appetite. We know that through the food that we serve, we have melted your heart. That is why Melt Cincy has become a special part of the city. It is one of the top places to go to where you can enjoy really good food in Ohio. We have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence as a testament to how our customers love our food. When people love your food and service, they will surely rave about it! Word will go around for their positive feedback and more and more people would want to experience the same level of satisfaction and we will never disappoint you.

Get your Melt fix today. Visit us at Northside or have your favorite food delivered to your home or office. Melt Cincy also provides catering services. Make us a part of the special occasions in your life. You can choose to hold the event inside our restaurant. We can accommodate up to 150 persons or you can choose your own venue and we will take care of the food and beverages. You can choose between our Picnic Style or Entertainment Catering. We have different party packages to suit your party needs and budget. Contact us for your inquiries and reservation.