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Common Methods for Garage Door Maintenance

Many people do not want to make efforts to perform garage door maintenance until their garage doors stop working.  However, regular garage door maintenance will help to keep your garage door running smoothly and long-lasting.

Inspecting it up and washing it periodically makes you pinpoint the potential problems as they happen. It enables you to take necessary actions before the problem become worsens. If you don’t know how to do it, there are several online garage door maintenance tutorial videos available on the internet. You just need to watch them out through YouTube. However, the following mentioned are the common garage door maintenance routines. 

A mild detergent and a soft car brush will be used for washing, which is normally recommended at least five times a year. Homeowners wash their garage door when they service their vehicle which is also a good habit. Don’t use harsh cleaners while washing the garage door.

They will not only damage the garage door but also badly affect the performance and durability of the garage door. In particular, in places, where winter is severe, salting your drive-through, can allow you to get away with the least shoveling. If you are the one who practices this trick, make sure to keep the garage door clean as salt has strong properties that will damage the bottom panel of the garage door.

The maintenance routine for the wooden garage door should be performed according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Normally, it is suggested that wooden garage doors should be painted periodically on the exterior as well as the interior. If you have considered reducing your effort by just painting the exterior of a wood garage door, think about it again. Re-painting the outer side of the garage door will not be as effective as refurbishing both sides because warping may happen as a result of moisture accumulation.

You should also be examined and maintain the other important parts of the garage door such as, rollers, hinges, and springs. Apply a high quality and lightweight oil to hinges and rollers at least once a year. It will prevent the hardware of the garage door from getting rusted and enhances its overall lifespan.

Garage door springs should be maintained to keep them tensioned properly. You should examine the physical condition of rollers, hinges, and springs. Frequent operations of the garage door can lead to loosening hardware. If you find them, you should tighten the loose screws, nuts, or bolts in order to keep them secure in place. If you realized that the torsion springs need fixing, consult a professional garage door expert to deal with them. Adjustment or replacement of springs can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries to anyone who is not properly trained in this field.

Basic garage door maintenance activities bring a huge difference in the functionality and longevity of the garage doors. In a long run, it will save a lot of effort and costs on your part. Often earlier damages can catch easily and prevent it from making worsen.