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Garage Door Simple Repairs

Whether the garage door rolls up in multiple sections or in one solid panel, the overhead garage door works with the support of the torsion springs system. They provide the power to a garage door that enables its panels to run on metal tracks along with the walls of the garage. There are many examples when the garage door won't close or open and you need to conduct a couple of fixes to make it functional once again.  

The metal tracks of the garage door could be the cause of the malfunctioning garage door. You will have to check them thoroughly. If you experienced that garage door tracks are loose then just simply tighten the screw, bolts, and nuts will work. Keep the garage door in its closing position while inspecting the tracks to find out further flat spots or dents. Minor problems of tracks can be pounded out using a rubber mallet or a hammer. However, if there are serious damages, contact a professional garage door expert.

Make sure that tracks are aligned completely. You cause a level to test and confirm it. Keep in mind that tracks must be of the same height as the walls of the garage. In case, they are not aligned, lose the screws and nuts which attached them to the wall, there is no need to remove them completely. Just tap the tracks into their original position.

Check the alignment again after conducting the repair. Don’t forget to tighten the screws and nuts once again you have completed the job. Tracks should be washed with mild household cleaners to remove accumulated dirt and grease but stay away from harsh chemicals. Focus on rollers while cleaning the garage door. After which, wipe the tracks and rollers using a cotton cloth completely.

After inspecting and tightening the loose hardware of the garage door. Check the mounting plates of the garage door where the torsion springs are connected. Make sure they are tightened are secured. For roll-up garage doors, make sure that hinges are not damaged and screws are tightened properly. If they are extremely damaged, replace them immediately. A professional garage door expert can easily fix the issues of sagging on one side garage door.

If garage door problems are related to the torsion springs system, consulting a professional garage door expert is a more sensible and safer decision. These springs come in pairs and if one of them is broken then the other one is responsible to carry a considerable amount of tension. They are quite dangerous if you make efforts to deal with them. It would be best to leave it to professional garage door experts.

Safety should be your first concern while performing a DIY garage door repair project. A malfunctioning garage door poses many threats that you should be aware of. A malfunctioning garage door and its springs can collapse at any time if they are not handled properly. It can cause several injuries or death to anyone working on the garage door. The torsion garage door springs can also cause injuries to anyone around the garage door.