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Garage Door Spring Replacement Tips and Advice

Garage door spring replacement is an important project because springs are opted to general wear and tear over time. The Springs system is actually responsible to lift the weight of the garage door smoothly during the opening and closing process.

So if you realized that the garage door is not functioning in the way it should be, it can be a clear indication that the broken spring should be replaced as soon as possible. Make sure that you inspect the garage door springs and other related hardware periodically in order to avoid any potential accident or further damages. Since garage door spring replacement is a critical and dangerous job; it is highly advised that hire a professional garage door company like Garage Door San Antonio Texas services to manage the malfunctioning springs system.

There are two main types of springs used with a garage door, one is torsion springs and the other is extension springs. The torsion springs are found on the top of the garage door. It functions using the principles of twisting. Strong and sturdy cables are also attached to the springs to make them functional. When the torsion springs start to twist, these metal cables help the garage door to counterbalance its weight as it opens. Similarly, the torsion springs extend during the closing process of the garage door. Since, torsion springs are hard, complex, and dangerous to replace, so you need to be very careful while dealing with the broken springs or better yet to hire a professional garage door company for doing so.

Garage door extension springs work on the mechanism of stretching. These springs are placed on the rim of the panels to make sure that the garage door opens and closes smoothly and eventually on both sides. Extension springs are normally long, heavy, and side-mounted devices. These powerful springs should be inspected, maintained, and replaced once in a while because they have tended to wear and tear due to frequent usage and extreme force on them.  Garage door spring replacement is not an easy job.  You should handle them with high cautions and the right expertise. In fact, most accidents could happen during changing the torsion springs. 

But with proper skills and training, anything else will just turn to the right side. You should be able to determine how to adjust the tension of springs correctly because either increase or decrease in the stress of springs can cause the garage door not to open or close smoothly. When you experienced an imbalanced garage door, chances are there that you have too loose or too tight springs in your mechanism. You should examine the springs thoroughly to perform the necessary replacement. 

Collect all the required tools and accessories when you are going to attempt the garage door spring replacement beforehand. You should inspect the springs and other hardware of the garage door regularly to determine if it is time to do some replacement. You can perform garage door spring replacement on your own by referring to the user’s manual as a guideline. Make sure you have followed all the instructions to ensure that you are doing the right job. Else it is strongly recommended that consult a professional garage door technician to replace the broken garage door springs safely.