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Oh, food, glorious food at the start of the day. It is so wonderful to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning. But wait, what if you are not an early bird? What if you get up late in the morning? Too bad, the breakfast menus are already out by then. Better set your alarm early next time. OR you can have the next best thing! Have a brunch! Brunch is that perfect balance between breakfast and lunch when you wake up too late for breakfast and it is too early for lunch. Whoever created brunch is a genius! We should all thank him or her for allowing us to enjoy this meal. Thank you for your consideration that we need to sleep for long hours to get more rest. Thank you for your thoughtfulness that we need a hearty meal when we finally decide to get out of bed. Thank you for understanding that we want our breakfast food and lunch food together because why can’t we enjoy both, right? Don’t make us choose if we just want pancakes or salads or pasta. Don’t make us choose if we want to drink coffee, tea, warm milk, cold juice, soda, or even a little bit of alcohol. Because there are times when we just want everything. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share another meal with our family and friends at a more convenient time. Thank you for filling our tummies with all our favorite food – sweet and savory alike that is more than enough to give us the strength and nourishment that we need to face another day. Thank you for giving us a meal that can be leisurely enjoyed, without any hurry or worries. The ambiance is laidback and easy. How we look forward to brunch with family and friends!