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Quick Introduction to Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are mounted above the opening of the garage door are commonly known as “torsion springs”. There are two sets of springs, one is extension springs and the other is torsion springs. These devices are paired up on either side of the garage door or over the top of the garage door and wound tightly through a constant diameter bar, which is made of steel to maintain the necessary tension of the springs.

Like other mechanical devices, garage door springs have tended to break due to frequent usage no matter how well they are maintained. Normally, one spring breaks due to the constant pressure of the garage door. As a result garage door becomes imbalanced and the other good spring breaks quickly. Replacement of extension springs is relatively easy for a handy individual but torsion springs can be dangerous to adjust or replace. There are reported cases of death and injuries due to broken garage door springs, so if you are not great at fixing equipment around your home, it is good to leave it to professional garage door repair companies like, Conn's Garage Door Repair to replace them.

But if you want to perform the torsion spring replacement project on your own, you will have to follow these safety measurements. First of all, make sure that you wear sturdy eye protection, head protection, proper safety gears. Make sure you have extra pair of hands to help you. It is extremely important without saying that buy high-quality products like, bars and springs for this project.

It is essential to wind the tension of springs and to ensure that the whole placement is firmly connected to the frame of the garage door. While winding the springs, make sure that the bar is adjusted properly, it is really complicated and you should be aware of the potential violence and harm that could happen if something goes wrong.

Torsion springs have tended to go first but extension spring swill also breaks eventually. Garage door springs are wounded tightly and they generate and release substantial tension when you lift up the garage door. To get an accurate idea of what type of springs your garage door will need, you will need to know how much your garage door weights. The knowledge of the model and operating system of the garage door is also extremely beneficial. Never compromised on the quality of garage door, when you are looking for a replacement components, especially with something as important as frequently used as garage door springs. If you choose high qulaity products and reliable garage door services, you wont have to worry about garage door spring replacemnet anythime soon.